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miracle mama

i need a miracle everyday


-the here and now
-everyone/everything is connected


hope furthur goes to mineapolas


All my possessions go in moving truck today. Hope to close Friday and hit the bay on Saturday! Need to de stress and listen to the music play.


Oh mama. Can this really be the end?

Denver Man

I know it's silly but this summer tour is driving me craaaazzzyyy!! I don't know if I should just wait for the Fall and hope for the best there or try something this summer uuggghhh! :)


gone are the days we stopped to decide, where we should go we just ride


that's only because you don't have any Ratdog shows in February ;) .... a few days into march the tour will be gone to far and soon for me.

Cosmic Arkie

I think TGR(TUD) is just about the best song ever. I'm just sayin'.

Play Dead!


See you Kind Folks down the road! Geat Grateful! Play Dead !

sir dude guy man

i'm pretty awesome in general.


Happy New Year everyone. I hope to catch up with some of yas on some east coast shows.