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first Furthur show: 2/19/10

Nateva 7/4/2010

#4567 3 years, 7 months ago
A magical night to say the least. it all started with a stunning sunset in oxford maine. the first set just flowed seemlessly and seemed to over in a flash. a very fast hour and ten minutes. along set break and then st. stephen to start with aperfect 4th of july jack straw with no bobby vocal miscues! the gem of the show that stunned everyone with its enveloping vibe was "days between" a soulful, emotional and moving version perfectly deliverered by mr. weir. it really moved my fiance and ii as we were right up-front and my fiance was waving an American flag through the whole show, totally blissed out! "hearts of summer held in trust" made us both cry(she's a leo and i'm a cancer) and embrace and feel very connected with all of the amazing people we came together with up-front that night. easily the most potent night of music ive ever expereinced. cheers!
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